Palliative Care Wales
This website is no longer being actively maintained. Some of the material has been moved and is now hosted on the the End of Life Care section on the NHS Wales Health Collaborative website. The full link is:
Map of Palliative Care
The Wales Map of Palliative Care has been developed on behalf of the All Wales Palliative Care Implementation Group. Its aim is to facilitate understanding of the needs and care journey of patients approaching the end of life.
It has been developed by a multidisciplinary group, ensuring all aspects of care are addressed, and encourages consideration of key assessments and interventions triggered by changes in condition or prognosis.
The front page provides an overview of the patient journey and allows clinicians to focus on the complete pathway. By clicking on individual components, guidance on specific assessments and interventions may be accessed with links to integrated guidelines and other national resources.
New diagnosis or Change in prognostic group
(from 1o care contact, 2o care specialist, or PC Register review)
Consider estimated prognosis:
More than 1 year Less than 12 months Weeks Days
(Physical / psychological / social / spiritual)
Consider Specialist Palliative Care Team referral
Key worker
Review mechanism

(minimum - review when patient moves to next estimated prognostic group)