Palliative Care Wales

Palliative Care Research in Wales

NISCHR have provided funding for palliative care research development in Wales. This work is coordinated by the Cancer Registered Research Group, which is hosted by the Wales Cancer Trials Unit (WCTU) and has strong links with the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre (MCPCRC) based at the WCTU.

The aim is to develop and support well designed research in palliative care, with the focus on design and conduct of pragmatic studies which will translate into better patient care.


Through its links with WCTU and MCPCRC the palliative care research development group are able to provide:

·      Advice on how to develop a research idea

·      Expert methodological advice

·      Identification of funding routes and help with applications

·      Direction on the right options for completing studies

·      A vital trials unit function for study conduct

Please visit the Cancer RRG website for further information on current research in palliative care and how to access support if you would like to develop your own research idea.