Palliative Care Wales
End of Life Board

The End of Life Board was established in 2014 to replace the Palliative Care Implementation Board.

Implementation Board 2008-2014

Palliative and end of life care cuts across all specialties and should form an integral part of the total package care provided. Palliative care provision is patchy across Wales and in recognition of this the Minister for Health and Social Services asked Viv Sugar, Chair of the Welsh Consumer Council to lead a Group to determine what constitutes a core palliative care service and a means for measuring the quality of that care. This Report was published in July 2008.

The Health Minister subsequently asked Professor Finlay, who has a wealth of experience in palliative care services, to lead on the implementation of this Report. Professor Finlay has a sound knowledge of how services are currently delivered and what the gaps and barriers are to good quality palliative care provision. She has established a Palliative Care Implementation Group to take forward the recommendations of the Sugar Report. One of the early priorities of this work was to consider and recommend the most appropriate use of the central funding being made available in 2008-09 to improve palliative care services.

In developing the Group’s advice on funding allocations, Professor Finlay spoke to and met with key specialist palliative care professionals, as well as voluntary providers of palliative care. A Report was agreed by the Minister for Health and Social Services and published in October 2008. This Report reflects the discussions which have taken place and encompasses the criteria set within the recommendations of the Sugar Report of:

  • Fairness of care provision  
  • Consultant – led specialist services  
  • Services available out of hours for patients with a seven-day working  
  • Evidence based care to meet patient and family need