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Posted by IanBack on March 17th, 18:21

In 2015, the All Wales DNACPR policy 'Sharing and Involving' was launched. As part of this roll-out, a number of videos were produced for NHS Wales by patients, doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals as a co-production between Healthboards and Trusts.

The aim of these short films is to raise the issue of Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) for patients with life-limiting and palliative illnesses in Wales. It is hoped that this will help nurture open and honest discussions and forward planning.

To openly 'Talk CPR' is the overall goal, and this can only happen when patients and families know what CPR actually entails and when it is beneficial and when not.

Two videos are aimed at the general public and encourage open explanatory discussions about CPR and DNACPR, and what these topics involve.

The second two videos are aimed at Healthcare Professionals, and hope to provide some tips on how this difficult area can be communicated and broached.

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